NOTICE: Registration for a Bidder's number is an agreement with acceptance to the following terms and conditions, as well as others as may be stated or posted for each individual auction. It is the Buyer's responsibility to be aware of all terms of auction and removal specifications for each auction. The right of issuance of a bid card is reserved by Southern Heirs Auction, LLC. A Valid Drivers License is required in order to register. By acceptance of a Bidder's Number the bidder is also accepting all terms of Auction as may be provided in writing, posted or stated in verbal announcements.

  • Please inspect all items prior to bidding.
  • Everything will be sold "as is- where is" with no guarantee or warranty of condition expressed or implied.
  • Bidders must rely entirely on their own inspection prior to bidding.
  • Bidder is responsible for knowing which item he/she is bidding on. If Bidder is unsure, make inquiries or do not bid. When you become the Winning Bidder at auction, you have entered into a contract and are expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful Bidder before leaving the premises.
  • All items are subject to State Sales Tax, unless otherwise stated by the Auctioneer; or unless Buyer presents a valid resale certificate exempting Buyer and Auction Company from the payment of said taxes.
  • The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment he/she feels is in the best interest of the Seller; there is no obligation on the part of the Auctioneer to accept a reduced or "cut" bid from a Bidder.
  • The highest Bidder will be the Buyer. If any dispute arises between two or more Bidders, the Auctioneer may decide the sale or immediately put the lot up for sale again and resell to the highest Bidder. The decision of the Auctioneer shall be final and absolute.
  • The Auction Company is not responsible to "guard" merchandise throughout the auction; the Buyer becomes solely responsible for all purchased items immediately following the winning bid. Therefore, you must use your discretion in further guarding your purchases.
  • The record of sale kept by the auctioneer and clerk will be taken as absolute and final in all disputes. This auction, at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer, may be audio and video recorded.
  • All items are subject to a 13% Buyers Premium, unless otherwise stated by the Auctioneer. You will receive a 3% discount if payment is made by check or cash.
  • All items by definition are "offered with reserve" unless otherwise specifically stated. An item may be removed from auction by Auctioneer if a reasonable bid has not been received and accepted at the time of offering.
  • All purchases must be picked up by the posted date and time, unless otherwise specified by the Auctioneer. Any items not picked up by the posted date and time will be forfeited with no return of monies paid. If you cannot remove items in the posted time frame, ensure that it is coordinated thru Southern Heirs Auction, LLC.
  • Under Federal Law, Sellers may not bid on their own merchandise.
  • All bills must be paid for in full DAY OF SALE regardless of when you intend to remove purchases, but prior to removal. All purchases must be paid for within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the last item being sold
  • If paying by check, Buyers not known to Auction Company, and at the sole discretion of Auction Company, will be required to sign a Check Security Agreement and/or provide a Bank Letter of Guarantee to the Auction Company -please check terms of specific auction or call to verify.
    The Auction Company may add other terms and conditions of sale by announcement or posting at auction which take priority.

The above information is provided to assist you in understanding the process for our auctions, and to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings later. Our goal is to make your auction experience enjoyable.